Our Curriculum

Rosebud’s uses the Creative Curriculum. As part of this curriculum, we gather information about each child’s developmental abilities and evaluate progress so we can modify and adjust what we are doing in our classroom so as to deliver the best-individualized instruction for each child. This evaluation is communicated to families periodically during the school year using various formal and informal tools, forms, and resources. For information about your child’s day, you can see copies of daily schedules and lessons plans in the Tadpoles app.

NEW! After School Program

Rosebud’s now offers an after school program to help supplement your child's learning and development outside of the classroom.

Rosebuds Lil Explorers

Our Classrooms

Rosebuds Lil Explorers


Our Buttercup Classroom offers a bright and welcoming environment for our 6 week to 1-year-old children. Our caring and loving teachers work hard to create bonds with each child and have strengthened these bonds through Care Groups, where a teacher has been specially assigned to work with children in their group more closely on developmental goals and milestones.

Teachers in this classroom not only verbally engage with children through singing and reading, but incorporate play activities throughout the day as well to promote their development.


Our Daisy Classroom is a warm and upbeat classroom filled with fun and excitement for our children 1 – 2 years old. These children are still in the early stages of their development, and this progression is highly encouraged by our Daisy Classroom teachers, who work to keep children engaged and stimulated through different activities focusing on developmental goals in gross motor and language development, to name a few.

Rosebuds Lil Explorers
Rosebuds Lil Explorers


In our Violet Classroom, we promote a space for children to develop and grow at their own pace. Our teachers are always coming up with new ideas to implement into the classroom to help our 2-3-year-olds continue to develop and meet their milestones.

Children at this age are full of curiosity and wonder, and we have the pleasure of watching this unfold every day.


The children in our Tulip Classroom are at the age between 3 and 4 years old and are full of expression and love to explore. Our teachers in this classroom provide there sources and materials for them to do so.

A day in our Tulip Classroom consists of close engagement, pre-writing skills, and STEAM, among so many more aspects to help the development of each child.

Rosebuds Lil Explorers
Rosebuds Lil Explorers


Our Sunflower Classroom is a stepping stone to Kindergarten, teaching children ages 4 to 5 years old. When you walk into our classroom, you will see each child’s development through their art and creativity, as well as through their STEAM projects and the engagement between children and teachers.

This is the classroom that each child’s individual goals are nurtured. Their time spent in the Sunflower classroom gives them the confidence and love of learning that they will carry with them throughout their future to pursue and accomplish their “lil” dreams!